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Last Winter Salad

Excellent way to turn unexciting leftovers into a delightful salad

Serves: 2
 (as a main dish or 4 as a starter)


  •     5 tbsp boiled wheat berries (can be replaced with rice)
  •     3 tbsp boiled green lentils
  •     3 tbsp walnuts coarsely chopped
  •     100 g anchovy fillets (I has some left after making anchovy rice)
  •     4 tbsp pomegranate seeds (or any sour berries)
  •     1 medium size pickled cucumber
  •     2 slices stale bread
  •     2 tbsp dill finely chopped
  •     4 tbsp olive oil
  •     pinch salt
  •     pinch freshly ground black pepper


 1.   Dice the bread and toast for a few minutes in on a hot frying pan greased with butter. You can also first toast bread in a toaster and then dice it.
  2.  On a separate frying pan cook anchovy or other small fish of choice in little butter. If you deal with large fish filet I suggest you blanch it: boil it in large quantity of water until the fish starts flaking. Then with your hands flake it into little chunks.
  3.  Combine the ingredients – I like doing it with my hands to feel the texture and give quality control to my chopping in case there are large lumps or chunks that need to be broken. Season with olive oil, alt and freshly ground pepper

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